Who I am?

Camille 22 years old - Parisian

profil camille

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been painting and I’ve always been very interested in art. I particularly fancy street art and more generally any form of public art.

Even if I’ve studied Digital Marketing at European Business School in Paris, which isn’t an art school, art is still my hobby and passion.

I’m used to travelling in different countries and I am always looking for street art and exhibitions during my trips. I took some photos that I want to share with you and I’d like to give you some info about famous artists I like as well as where to find works of art.

You can also have a look on Instagram where I upload more street art photos. Follow me!

I’ve got the chance to live in both Paris and London, two big cities with lots of areas where you can find street art. Thus, you’ll find my website focusing on these two cities.

I hope you’ll learn something new about street art and you’ll find ideas on how to enjoy your trips in Paris or London!